The Orgonics™ SportsWrap Collection

The Orgonics™ SportsWrap Collection offers designs that can be worn while active:
for athletes, musicians, massage therapists, chefs, typists, gardeners, etc.

The Orgonics SportsWrap Collection uses an innovative design that allows you to apply highly concentrated orgone energy directly to an area that needs it:
an arm, wrist, hand, elbow, shoulder, knee, thigh, ankle, hip, or lower back.

Now, there are 3 effective designs for special applications:

Original SportsWrap MultiBelt


The Original Orgonics™ SportsWrap MultiBelt
is a highly charged orgone energy device that has these special features:

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1. Water-repellent nylon fabric creates a cover that can easily be wiped with water to clean or detoxify it before each use. And, no need to worry about wet locker rooms or sweat.

2. Silky, stainless steel mesh covers one side to boost the energy charge and focus it on the part of your body that needs it.

3. A detachable belt allows you to apply the Orgonics™ SportsWrap to your lower back or hip area quickly and easily.

4. Velcro straps hold the Orgonics™ SportsWrap in various positions so you can easily apply it, fasten it securely, and remain mobile.



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Photos Copyrighted by Theirrie Cook & Orgonics


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The Orgonics™ SportsWrap measures 12" x 24", and is 5 ply.
Color: Outer cover: Kelly Green

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A detachable belt allows you to wear the SportsWrap around your waist and hips and keep mobile.

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Original Orgonics™ SportsWrap Multi-Use Belt



Orgonics'™ ArmWrap

Requested by musicians, the ArmWrap is made to
specifically cover the lower and upper arm.
Musicians and tennis players have found this design
to be a great advantage in playing instruments or using sports equipment
that tax the muscles in this area
with repetitive movement.

Two velcro straps secure the ArmWrap around the arm or lower leg.
The same strong construction of wool batting, steel wool, water-repellent nylon and fine stainless steel mesh create a strong orgone charge.

16" x 18", 5 Ply


Set of 2: $180.


Orgonics™ WristWrap

This design is for repetitive stress
on the wrist.
Whether it's playing the piano
or writing,
the WristWrap focuses orgone energy effectively on this problem area.

Similar construction as the Arm Cover.

4" x 6", 5 Ply

$ 35.

Set of 2: $60.




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Orgone accumulating devices are for experimental use only.
They are not medical devices.
If you have a medical problem, please consult a health care professional.

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