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Dcember 2017
Now is a good time to make your own orgone accumulator
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18" x 24", 5 Ply Ultra Wool and All Weather Orgone Blankets
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October 2017
What unusual times we are in!
Orgonics barely escaped the fires in Santa Rosa.
In addition, many materials I have used for years are being discontinued
which requires finding new ones and redesigning the devices.
And, in trying to negotiate all these changes,
I am often late on my orders for which I apologize.
It's truly one foot in front of the other, and breathing deep is a necessity.
Thank you for continuing to order from Orgonics.


September 2016

LED bulbs are not as benign as we thought.
Many people thought that LED bulbs would be a good alternative to fluorescent light bulbs
which give off strong electromagnetic fields as well as low dose x-rays from their transformers.
The compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) were shown to give off radio frequencies from those large, screw-in bases that approached the levels of leaking microwave ovens and if you sit and read with them next to your head, they're not doing you any good. So now the push is for LED bulbs which originally were made with low electromagnetic fields; however, not any more: new testing shows they, too, give off radio frequencies equal to the CFLs and even a cell phone. If you want to measure for yourself what your lighting source gives off, use a EM2 Broadband RF meter
available from
You can also buy the Trifield™ meters there as Orgonics can no longer afford to carry them.

Still, the best lighting for your health and to use with orgone devices is the full spectrum incandescent light bulb
or halogen light bulbs.


May 2016

A new documentary about Wilhelm Reich is in the making.
Please see:

Kevin Hinchey, the director of the Wilhelm Reich Museum and Trust, and also a well known screenwriter, has spent the past year shooting the documentary at locations in Europe and the US; interviewing those knowledgeable about Reich's life and work as well as those who are still alive and actually worked with him.

In addition, he is using materials from Reich's extensive archival material that has not been seen before: film shot of Reich's experiments and conferences, research materials, and extensive biographical materials.

This documentary is critically important to not only inform people who have never heard about Reich's pioneering work, but also to correct the incredible lies and distortions that continue to be printed and circulated about him nearly 60 years after his death.

The documentary is now in the editing phase and a kickstarter program is helping to raise money to complete this invaluable project.

Please see the website posted above to view a short introduction about the project
and please give what you can .



April 2016

It has been a long year rebuilding Orgonics and getting re-established in a new workshop.
Unfortunately, I have found that no matter how hard and smart I work, rising overhead expenses
make it financially difficult to keep Orgonics running.
So, I am raising my prices in order to continue to offer the best orgone devices I know how to make.
Soon, I hope to have an incredible organic wool to use on the outer cover of the Ultra Wool Orgone Blankets;
but now, I simply cannot afford it; nor any of the other innovations and new products I would love to introduce.
I thank all of my customers for your continued support all these years.
Theirrie Cook
Sole Proprietor, Orgonics


May, 2015

I receive many questions about "orgonite".
Despite their marketing materials, orgonite has nothing to do with orgone energy
which was discovered experimentally by Wilhelm Reich.

Orgonite is the creation of Don Croft who originally developed it to ward off extraterrestials.
Croft has done a great diservice to Reich by mixing up his fantasies with Reich's hard work.

In reality, the concept of orgonite is an old one called piezoelectricity, originally discovered by Pierre Curie
(husband of Marie Curie who discovered radium). Google it and you can find out more.
Piezoelectricity has many interesting properties and functions, but it is a secondary energy,
much like DC current or static electricity, it is not primary orgone energy.

In addition, DO NOT build a "chembuster" as they are shown to severely dry out the atmosphere
and cause illness to those near them.

And please, don't call me to ask me questions about this stuff.

June 2014

A new book has been published, In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, by James DeMeo, Ph.D.
This book addresses the new round of attacks against Reich appearing now over 50 years after his death.
These attacks have appeared in major publications in the US and Europe and have mixed bits of truth with major lies and distortions; they are mainly a rehash of the old attacks against Reich that appeared in the 50's
which led ultimately to Reich's imprisonment in a federal penitentiary where he died.
Thomas DiFerdinando has written an excellect review of In Defense of Wilhelm Reich that will give you insights into the many issues surrounding these attacks and why.

You can read it here:

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich


May 2014

A new collection of SportsWrap designs: one for the forearm and one for the wrist.
Over the years, I have done custom orders for special needs. Recently, different people - musicians and athletes- requested wraps for their arms and wrists. They liked them so much, I decided to introduce them on the website.
After grabbing a hammer and pounding nails all day or using a staple gun on orgone layers, at night I often wrap a WristWrap diagonally across my hand for relief by morning.
So take a look at the new
SportsWrap Collection.



September 2013

EMF Fields
We receive many questions about blocking emf fields.
I recommend the website: for the best ways to deal with this growing problem.
Also, why use WiFi? Why bathe yourself in a field of radio/microwaves when plugging a computer into a wall works just fine. And please, don't put that laptop computer in your lap: think about it. Those high powered computer chips and the radiation given off DO AFFECT your genitals and sperm counts.

New Books:

In the past year, new books have been published attacking Reich (over 50 years after his death!)
Also, a response to these continued distortions and outright lies about Reich's work has also been published.
It is called In Defense of Wilhelm Reich and is written by James DeMeo, Ph.d and covers all the more recent as well as older attacks on the work and character of Reich. Important to read in order to understand how, what Reich called, the Emotional Plague functions in destroying people.

Another fascinating book by Peter Jones in England called Artificers of Fraud, The origin of life and scientific deception has also been recently published. He discusses the discoveries of both Reich and the earlier Robert Brown (from whom brownian movement received its name). This book not only gives an excellent overview of these two researcher's works, but also includes clear instructions on how to set up and replicate many of the microscopic experiments for yourself. I recommend you have a go at it!


JULY 29, 2012


Announced by the Wilhelm Reich Museum:

Wilhelm Reich
Letters and Journals, 1948-1957
Edited by Mary Boyd Higgins
Introduction by James E. Strick, Ph.D.

This book is the story of one of the worst acts of censorship in the history of the United States. In 1956 and again in 1960, the United States government burned the books and journals, including the scientific books of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. Through the same agency, the Food and Drug Administration, it ordered the destruction of scientific technology invented by Reich to accumulate and concentrate the physical energy he had discovered and called "orgone." These orgone energy accumulators were being used by Reich and other physicians for research and experimental medical treatment.

Previously, Reich had fled the Nazis who, too, had burned his books, moving in 1939 to the United States where he hoped to find respite from such dictatorial abuse of government power. But after fighting a protracted legal battle with the FDA, in which he challenged the right of a court of law to judge basic scientific research, Reich was imprisoned for contempt of court in March 1957 and died in the US Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania eight months later.

Where's the Truth? is the final volume in a four-part autobiographical series composed of excerpts from Reich's diaries, letters, and laboratory notebooks.

The preceding books, Passion of Youth, Beyond Psychology, and American Odyssey, relate Reich's story from its beginnings on a large farm in the Easternmost part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through his experiences in World War I and the Medical School of the University of Vienna. They continue with his life as a student of Freud and prominent research-physician in the early psychoanalytic movement, his clinical findings about energy functions in the living organism, the development of new therapeutic techniques, the laboratory experiments that provide insight into the origin of the cancer cell and lead ultimately to the discovery of orgone energy and to its ongoing investigation and the invention of tools for its practical application.

Where's the Truth? continues Reich's story from January 1948, shortly after the FDA started harassing him, until his death in 1957. It reveals the pattern of his focus on the investigation of varying manifestations of orgone energy and shares his personal life, his loves and needs, joys and sorrows, the hopes and anguish of a proud, passionate man.

The text gathered here also shows Reich's steadfast determination to protect his work. Where's the Truth? he asked a lawyer. And that question animates this volume.


Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York

Price $40.00

MARCH 2012


Recently, the citizens of California were able to quickly have their Smart Meters removed.
The state of Maine has banned them.
If you are facing having one of these attached to your home, look into ways to "opt out" or check again to see if it can now be removed and replaced with the safer analog meters.
Update: some digital meters that can be purchased at a hardware store, for some reason, also give off very strong EMF fields. It's best to get the old analog meters with the 3 whirling disks.


Infra-Red Saunas and Smart Meters

Orgone devices that are used around operating infra-red saunas and the new Smart Meters develop an oranur charge very quickly so I advise not to use or store any orgone device near them. If you can, do NOT have a Smart Meter installed near your home; they really do have a terrible field effect as evidenced by a quick and very strong oranur reaction occurring when even the smallest orgone device is placed near one.


March 15, 2011
Orgone Devices and Radiation Exposure

As you may know, ionizing radiation can cause what Reich called an "oranur" reaction in an orgone device. This reaction is like an allergic reaction of the orgone to radiation and it can feel very uncomfortable and extremely irritating to us which is why we may want to avoid using orgone devices during the time when nuclear radiation may be present. However, Reich also found that mice which had been exposed to orgone energy survived much better when they were later exposed to radiation; so, if you have been using your orgone device it will help your immune system better deal with what radiation we may be exposed to now.

With the possible arrival of radiation fallout from the failure of the Japanese nuclear reactors, we may need to not only protect our bodies with iodine supplements, we also need to protect our orgone devices. First, bring any orgone device like an orgone accumulator or shooter/charger box into a covered area, protected from direct fallout exposure but away from any living area. If possible, dismantle them. When the danger has passed and radiation levels return to normal, wait a week or so, and then wipe down the metal walls of the accumulator with water and dry. Air out for 24 hours. You may need to do this a few times before you feel the normal charge return.

If you cannot bring your accumulator into a covered area, then cover it outside with plastic sheeting such as the 4-6 mil drop cloths used by painters. Secure this sheeting with bungee cords. You can also place a bucket of water inside the accumulator to draw off the charge or set up a "draw bucket" as shown in the instructions that come with an Orgonics accumulator: basically a bucket placed outside the door with a hollow metal cable going inside the accumulator to draw off the charge. When the radiation levels return to normal, wait a week or so and then wipe down the metal walls with water and dry.

Water very quickly removes both oranur and dor from an orgone device.

If you have an orgone blanket, either the acrylic felt-covered or linen with stainless steel, put it away for the duration of the radiation exposure. After the radiation passes, take it out, wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth on both sides again, air it out in the sun and fresh air if possible, and it will be ready to use again.

If you feel irritated, soaking in a warm bath that has a cup each of baking soda and sea salt also helps to remove dor or oranur from the body.



There is an excellent video now on YouTube about Wilhelm Reich
produced by the Wilhelm Reich Museum.
It can be viewed at:


Both Plasma and LCD flatscreen TV screens have banks of fluorescent lights to back-light the screen.
The newer LED TVs don't.
So, my advice is NOT to use an orgone device with either operating cathode ray (CRT), plasma or LCD TV or computer screens.



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Simple as can be!


Dr. Mercola's alternative health online newsletter "" published a brief, well written, and favorable article about Wilhelm Reich on June 13, 2009. You can read it here:

I extend my deep gratitude to Dr. Mercola for having the courage to write such an objective article about Reich and hope this new interest will also lead to new research to continue the pioneering work that Reich began.


Orgonics Booth
Below is a photo of the outdoor booth Orgonics had at the Cancer Control Convention near Los Angeles.
I am available for speaking engagements about orgone energy and the orgone accumulator.

Theirrie Cook
Owner, Orgonics




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